Pretty Little Things -DermaGlo

Pretty Little Things and the Cotton City is a blog of all things beauty and fashion. After – Much smoother, reduction in visable pores, reduction in fine lines, reduction in redness too! I’ve found I am using less foundation and … Continued

Smock to Frock-DermaGlo

Beauty Blogger Smock to Frock gives her honest review and personal experience of taking DermaGlo shots for just 12 days. Overall this product is an impressively compact little bottle of beauty gold. Although the health benefits weren’t as apparent as … Continued

The Beauty Scanner -DermaGlo

The Beauty Scanner is a London based beauty and fashion blogger. She has been on DermaGlo for a mere 12 days noticing stark improvement in her skin. Read more on her experience¬†here. ‘My DermaGlo Journey. 12 days to perfect’.

The Irish Times Magazine

Alison Canavan, model and presenter lists DermaGlo Skin Health Drink as the first thing she cannot live without in her list of eight¬†health & beauty products she can’t go without.   Read Alison’s interview here.

Unfading Beauty -DermaGlo

  Anti-ageing wonder foods, beauty “cosmeceuticals” that you put in your mouth rather than on your skin, are set to become the boom of the decade. Research appears to show that some of the breakdown products of hydrolysed collagen taken … Continued